Monday, April 2, 2012

Woman in White: All the cool kids are reading it

It's another fabulous Reading Rambo Read-along! And it starts today! RIGHT NOW, IT IS STARTING.

Alice suggests we all post today about "what you think of Wilkie Collins, have you read any of his other works, how giant his forehead is and how that makes you feel, etc."

Here is the extent of what I think about Wilkie Collins: Wilkie Collins is a dude? Who am I thinking of then? Oh, Willa Cather, that's who.

Off to a good start then
Armed with this new knowledge, my next thought was "what the heck kind of a name is 'Wilkie'?" Sadly, it does not appear to be short for anything ridiculous; it's just a family surname used as a middle name. "William Wilkie Collins" is a little disappointing when you spend your time reading memos written by people with names like "Sir Folliott Sandford".* I think my real objection is that it's not William 'Wilkie' Collins. Wilkie would be a better nickname if it were actually a nickname instead of part of his legal name. But that's really points against his parents rather than himself.

You'll notice there that Alice mentions his big forehead.

Except that it's floating, his head seems normal enough.
Maybe Alice is just being mean for no reason...
Right so, I think we've gotten this off to a good start here! Classic literature, here we come!

*What Wiki doesn't tell you is that Sir Folliot could write some very sharply-worded memos when he wanted to.


  1. I was also disappointed to find out that Wilkie wasn't a nickname. It should really be short for something very English. Wilkerford? Wilksonshire? Hm.

  2. Folliot is just a ridiculous name. Ridiculous, I tell you! The Wilkie thing is fairly disappointing, although I appreciate that he used it instead of just being William Collins, which would have been really really really boring!

  3. You made a Venn diagram. I knew I liked you.


  4. I like that he's called Wilkie. Makes me think we could have been close buds and we could have hung out smoking pipes.

  5. Somewhere, right at this moment, the ghost of Wilkie Collins is scratching his giant forehead and wondering why we all can't stop talking about it. Women these days.

  6. Visiting from Alice's readlong :)
    I love that you added a venn diagram - it makes this post pretty legit. The next step would be adding charts to display his forehead to face ratio... but I can see myself going overboard with that.

  7. Whoa, that's quite a forehead! Unfortunately, I know nothing about Wilkie going into this, including that he had a gigantic forehead, lol.

    See you during the readalong!