Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Help: Pride Goeth Before A Fall

Eh heh heh ...eh.

So last week I was riding high, feeling smug because I was so ahead in my reading for the Help! I have not read The Help! Readalong. Where's that wonderful graphic?

There it is.

In the first week, I got up to chapter 16, so I was feeling pretty smug about finishing through chapter 19 for today. Then a week passed and I forgot about it (reading Harry Potter among other things) until last night. Then I went to a lovely Bach concert, and thought I'd do the reading in the morning. This morning I woke up promptly but then got caught up in foreign apartment listings. And then I watched this video featuring Patton Oswalt:

Reader Meets Author: Patton Oswalt

....which reminded me I was supposed to do something about a book today? Oops. And now I'm going to go to the gym (hurgh) in an effort to jumpstart some dissertation work (urgh) so I am going to try to write something up for tonight.

Mostly I am posting this for Alice, so she has something to read at work and also so she can mock me. Aren't I a good friend?

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  1. I was REALLY HAPPY when I saw I had more of your opinions to read, and then SUPER-SADDENED because it was brief and did not contain thoughts on The Help. Damn your dissertation and go read about Southern women!

    ...but I thank you for updating despite your lack of finishing the assignment thus far.