Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Help: Part Three, Chps 20-28

Lawdy, is it that time again?

We're in the thick of it now. Lots of things coming to a head in this section -- Skeeter's relationship with Stuart, Miss Celia's social status, the Terrible Thing Minny did to Miss Hilly, even the book project.

Oh sure, I had some problems with this part (I'm sure you've noticed by now that I'm a little critical). Central among these is in fact the Terrible Awful Thing. You mean to tell me there was actual human fecal matter in that pie?! No. No. My brain will not accept that as a plausible thing. I mean, I've only baked a pie once in my life, but... how would you work... it... in without ruining the consistency of the pie? And... wouldn't it affect the taste and smell? (Related Bill Nye episode.) (Easily distracted.) And when you consider the time and effort... I re-read the pages hoping to come across something to indicate that it was a lie, but... In the end, I so much can't believe this that I have gone full circle to believing it in a sort of magical fantasy land sort of way.

And maybe that's sort of my approach in general to this book now, because for the most part it's got me hooked. I tore through this section, wanting to see what was going to happen next. Even when the author made transparent attempts to manipulate me, the reader, I sort of shrugged past it ("'It's true. There are some racists in this town,' Miss Leefolt say. Miss Hilly nod her head, 'Oh, they're out there.'" - yes, yes, I see what you did there.) I am certainly enjoying Miss Celia more now that she's not just moping around being mysterious. And I thought that Skeeter's parents have become sliiiightly more human.

Plus there was this:

When you little, you only get asked two questions, what's your name and how old you is, so you better get em right.
 Adorable, right?

And this made me laugh:
enough costume jewelry for a whole family of hookers
 So that's me for this week.


  1. WHAT? This was the ranty section and you BARELY ranted!

    I enjoy how this was the section where we were all irritated by her hit-you-over-the-headness, though. Maybe she did it a lot more here than in other parts of the book?

    Damnit, Stockett. Write better.

  2. I'm a little surprised, too, at the lack of rantiness in your post this week.

    About the Terrible Awful...I think there was probably a VERY low ratio of doo-doo to the rest of the pie's ingredients. And have you ever had pure, 100% Mexican vanilla? It's pretty strong & amazing and can cover a multitude of sins. :)

  3. The pie thing... yeah. I didn't know if maybe she was just *saying* there was poo in the pie, to make Hilly want to puke, or if there actually was a little bit, but then, did she fish it out, or..... I don't really think I want to know, but also, Stockett, way to go with writing something gross and then not even explaining it properly, even though you just LOVE to explain where the irony is in your own book.

    Damn, she annoys me, but damn is this book readable! Also- I do kind of love Skeeter's dad cause he's sweet :)

  4. HA! I was making an effort to be more positive, but I have LEARNED MY LESSON.

    Mostly I think I was pleased that the plot was MOVING in this section. It's all well and good learning about how terrible people are, but let's get on with it.

    But all my previous criticisms stand! Don't worry I'm not starting to love this book.

    How about an Awful Skeeter Moment? "Gosh, I don't know why you guys are so excited, we're only going to get $60 a piece and that's never going to get me a career out of this place."

  5. Haha Skeeter's a terrible person.

    "There is a skirmish in Vietnam. The reporter seems to thinks it’ll be solved without much fuss."