Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Waiting on" Wednesday: MINDY KALING MINDY KALING

[Oops, forgot the link: there's a meme here by this name, which I sought out basically just so I could gush over this book. Yeah, I'm getting the hang of this "blog" thing.]

Guys, I am super excited for Mindy Kaling's book. I can't explain it. Well, yes I can: Mindy Kaling is hilarious. Any woman who would make Michael Scott say "I like waking up to the smell of bacon -- sue me" is a-okay in my book.
Plus! The title!

Kaling used to write a blog called "Things I Bought That I Love" (which she has now revived on her new website) which was really my first contact with her solo work. As an homage, I would like therefore to offer you today:

Julie's Things That I Bought That I Love: AndesNature Cabernet Crema Antioxidante

So I have to take public transportation to the church I attend, which means that every Sunday I either come charging in late or end up spending a half an hour browsing in the CVS across the street. I'm just paranoid enough to think the employees know that I'm loitering, so I feel the need to wander around a lot, looking thoughtful even though I'm not actually paying any attention to what's on the shelf in front of me. Which is how I ended up in the "Hispanic Care" section this past weekend, which is where I saw this:
This facial moisturizer smells like delicious grape Jolly Ranchers, which is a good thing because if it smelled like wine, you might find yourself in the middle of what can only be called "hijinx". It's got a mousse-y sort of texture, thick and rich but also light and whipped. It sinks in really quickly, which is basically all I ask for when it comes to facial cremes. And it's from Chile! Let's face it, everything is better when it comes from another country.
Get it: in the vaguely racist aisle of Walgreens or CVS.


  1. Who doesn't want their face to smell like grape Jolly Ranchers? Although the hijinx that would come up if it actually smelled like wine would be pretty amazing, assuming they were happening to someone else and I was watching. Well now that I've made it clear I'm a bad person I will say that I super want to read this book and I'm going to browse through Kaling's "things I love" stuff now

  2. As we've discussed, I have this pre-ordered. And it better be funny, because we've been talking about it for like eight months.

    Also, I find it hilarious that you think the CVS employees care what people are doing in the store. ALSO there's a bread factory RIGHT THERE by the church, so how are you not just standing outside breathing?

  3. Me too, me too! Be sure to follow her on Twitter...hilarious! And, glad you're joining us for WoW!

  4. lol she is super funny! I follow you here, and love the blog! I hope you'll stop by mine and see my WOW pick?! You can also enter my author group's latest giveaway for some signed books, and let me know a book you've tread and loved recently! :)

  5. I've never heard of Mindy Kaling but I like the sound of that moisturizer. You should be writing ad copy for them!

  6. This one sounds great. I've never heard of it but thanks for sharing!!!

    Check out my WoW post;

  7. I'm pretty sure I would have a hard time trying not to EAT a face cream that smelled like grape Jolly Ranchers.

    Loved Mindy's book btw, it was so fun.