Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday bonus post! Chicago reading habits survey

The Chicago Public Library has a reading habits survey up here; according to this story the survey is meant to help tailor programs and services to local needs, but they are letting non-Chicagoans take the survey too. (There is a question asking whether you live in Chicago, and if you do, it asks your zip code.) I'm not sure why they'd let Outsiders take the survey; maybe to make points about Chicagoans versus the larger reading community... of the world...? Or just because people get sad when they're not eligible to take surveys?

Anyway, it's a pleasant little survey, and I say that as someone who gets easily frustrated with surveys. It asks you how often you listen to audiobooks and whether you prefer paper or e-books. You get to check all the categories of fiction and non-fiction you've read in the last year and what languages you read them in, and tell them whether you get books from your public library or elsewhere. At no point did I feel like the answer I wanted wasn't there, or that the question was confusing. It even gives you the option of indicating that you get your ideas about what to read from book blogs!

So, if you too feel like patting yourself on the back for all the kinds of books you've read in the last year, go on and take the survey.

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  1. I took the survey, and found it interesting. It was illuminating to realize the number and variety of books (subjects and categories) that I've read this year too. I bet Chicago's public library system is a pretty good one (at least, I hope so). Have a wonderful weekend! Cheers! Chris