Saturday, November 22, 2014

#Minithon (updated with thrilling conclusion)

I feel the need to record my mini-participation in today's Mini Readathon.
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I woke up this morning at about 7am, mostly because my head is full of Sinus Death. And then I had breakfast of sausage links (mini-er than normal grilling sausages), pills (small things, obvs), and coffee (first rule of Minithon is that the coffee is never mini).

My mini reading material of choice this morning was comic books because those have a mini word count. And because when you are feeling a bit beat up and lazy, no one understands better than Hawkeye.

Someone else put this on the internet, for the record
My other reading material today is the London Review of Books, issues of which are piling up on my couch. Although it is printed on satisfyingly large paper, the LRB is in fact made up of reviews and essays, both of which are pretty mini, so there.

And just to amplify the mininess of the day, I actually am probably not doing much reading this afternoon because I promised a friend to help with childcare at an event she's hosting today, so there's further smallness for you. Mini on, fellow mini-ers.

I read volumes 1 and 2 of Hawkeye and loved them all over again. Because, boomerang. Then I went and did my babysitting thing, which took me up to the end of the official Minithon time frame, but I ended up reading about a half of an LRB anyway. I'm a doctor, not a timekeeper! (No, really, I'm a doctor now, Alice isn't just trolling me in some inscrutable, vaguely complimentary way.) And then I watched 30 Rock and knitted. Well done, Minithonners! Let's all drink little airline bottles of booze in celebration.


  1. "first rule of Minithon is that the coffee is never mini." Has there ever been a truer statement stated? I think not.

    Feel better!

  2. I hope the caffeine helps destroy the Sinus of Death (one of coffee's many magical powers, right?)

  3. Hawkeye gets us.

    I haven't even started reading yet...

  4. Sinus Death made me lol, girl. But I AM SORRY IT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU. Also I like that you didn't somehow slip in you are now a doctor even though I would totally slip that into every convo for the next month. "Oh, you got a dog? DID I MENTION I AM A DOCTOR NOW."

  5. I am really enjoying reading just how many people are like "welps, I actually have to go do X so my minithon is even more mini". Thank god for 8 hour readathons, how would we manage with the full 24?