Tuesday, December 27, 2011

In dulci jubilo / Let us our gifties show (off)

Alice has decreed that we should all post about the books we got for Christmas, and when Alice says "post" I jump, so here it is, a photo of the books I got for Christmas:

Artist's rendition
Of course it's just what I asked for and I am very grateful and look forward to feeding my Kindle, but I admit it was a little anti-climactic. Especially since my family exchanged a lot of books this Christmas (which is unusual; I don't think a single person got a bottle of brandy or a weapon this year). Boo hoo hoo.

I'm planning to hold onto the card and buy books as I want to read them, how boring is that? I've already sketched out some of the things on the table for me in the New Year; the only addition I have to make is that I, shamefully, still have to buy and read Mindy Kaling's book. Apparently $13 is too much for me. But I'm going to bite the bullet as soon as I've cleared the decks.

The only other book-related present I got was a booklight. I adore the Kindle's non-backlit screen, but even so, there are times when one wants to read in bed without having to get up and switch the light off. The one I got has a big clip to go on a paper book, so I think I'm going to try and return it for one that's more e-reader friendly.

I hope everyone's having a cheery holiday season! The only slight spot on my Christmas has been mom's obsession with HGTV -- who are all these early 20-somethings buying condos?!


  1. I got the Kandle. http://www.amazon.com/Kandle-Ozeri-Designed-generation-readers/dp/B0031116K8/ It's decent. I'll bet there're better ones, though.

    I still haven't read Kaling's book either. Goal for 2012?

  2. At first I thought the Kandle would be a Kindle knock-off, like a Rolets watch or Biffany jewelry. But I get it now.

    It seems really dumb to make it a goal... I was really excited to get the book all summer and so on. But it would be easily achievable and you know I like easy things!